Here is a image of the book called I ooed myself, A brain tumours story by Claire Bullimore

A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale - 'I Pooed Myself'

The Must-Read Book For Anyone Facing Major Life Changes

by Claire Bullimore

The inspiring story of how to restart your life when things didn't go as you planned

Good job - tick, good boyfriend - tick, good friends - tick. Life was going according to my plans until I was crippled by headaches. Skull-splitting headaches that left me without sight, and when I spoke what came out of my mouth was jumbled up weirdness! That was not on my plan... It turns out that despite my goals and dreams, a 10cm brain tumour decided to grow itself in my head and cause havoc.

The Brain Tumour's Travel Tale is the story of hope, of recovery and what happens when life doesn't go according to your plan


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