A Journal Dedicated To People Affected By A Brain Tumour!
Yes Please I Want One!!

What Are The Recovery Journals?

This self-help guide is for any person who has been affected by brain trauma. You may have been diagnosed yesterday or 20 years ago. There is no end date to needing support post-diagnosis. That is what the Recovery Journals are here for.

Brain Tumour Recovery Journal

What Is Inside?

Here's what you'll get inside these Journals: 

  • Checklist Reminders- never forget an important thing again!
  • Prompts and Suggestions to maintain a positive mindset
  • Daily Checklist - never forget your medication again!
  • Weekly Planner - know exactly where you are at a glance
  • Change your thoughts into actions with the weekly thoughts checklist
  • Acknowledging Fears to remove their power
  • Remembering positive achievements
  • Helpful Tips to reflect on your Recovery Journey
  • Spaces to Write Down how you feel

Book Review

Wish It Had Been Out When I Was Diagnosed

This well-designed journal which is 52 pages long, is an aide memoir in diary format but also a Mindfulness Journal. It provides incredibly useful prompts and the opportunity for the user to document feelings and emotions but also achievements as they progress along their Brain Tumour Journey. An excellent thought provoking purchase for anyone on this kind of journey.

Meet the Author

Claire Bullimore Author

Claire Bullimore was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 and had brain surgery to remove the 10cm tumour. After years of rehabilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy, Claire has learnt essential techniques to make life a little easier for a person. You can find more about Claire at AuntyMBrainTumours.com