mage of the new book  Social Media Fundraising Planner

The Must-Have Planner For New Fundraisers

by Claire Bullimore

Get Your Fundraiser Page Seen by having a Strategy That Works!

It can be very daunting to ask for money from people, even though you know it is for an amazing cause. Trying to raise money for a fundraiser is not easy and if you don't have a good strategy you may not reach your target. I want to help you reach your goal. I have designed this Social Media Fundraising Planner to give you tons of practical ideas and suggestions.


What's Inside?


Social Media Examples?

We will look at the most popular platforms to get views for your fundraiser page. We will look at the best practices to get engagement and how not to be too salesy, sleazy or slimy. We will look at how to build a community, not a pitch-fest. You'll discover the best times and where to post. There are tons of examples you can use in your fundraiser and you'll love how easy this becomes for you.



You will discover tons of examples for the most used hashtags in the charity sector and in the everyday popular hashtags to add to your posts. This will increase your visibility and save you hours!


Health Awareness Days / Months?

Here you will find more awareness days that you can post on, to show how your fundraiser is connected to that day bringing you even more visibility!


Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest?

How do you know what's working? The social media planner is complete with a tracker to see what is and what isn't. There will be prompts for you to follow. Plus, lots of spaces to put your own thoughts into the planner. You'll wonder how you did without it!


Book Review

Great resource

This is a great resource for planning social media marketing. Now I can keep all my plans and scheduling in one place. Not only useful for fundraising, but also general business use.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this guide?

Hi, I'm Claire Bullimore. A little bit of background for you; I'm a brain tumour survivor. Social media was only just getting going, and there were very few places to find support online for brain tumour sufferers, or survivors unless you searched the web really hard.

Even then it was complex medical terms that you need a degree in medicine to understand! So, I set up a blog called Aunty M Brain Tumours in 2011 for those of us that don't speak fluent doctor.

With over a decade of experience working within the non-profit industry, I have learnt many strategies that make a fundraising campaign work. I've been a fundraiser for many years. I've even done crowdfunding to raise money for my book tours. So, whether you're raising awareness or crowdfunding for a treatment or just selling books that help brain tumour survivors, this guide will help you raise more funds.